“Rixaka Funerals is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. We offer the most comprehensive funeral and financial covers in the industry.”

Message From The Chairman

The vision to establish Rixaka Funerals developed after the death of my late sister Tsakani Thandi Mabunda in December 2002 (May her soul rest in peace!). My sister’s death was the very first one requiring me to be personally involvement in making funeral arrangements. The service our family received from the burial society responsible for my sister’s funeral left much to be desired. For instance, the delegation which went to consult the burial society about my sister’s funeral arrangements was big. Unfortunately, most of us were standing throughout the consultation as there were not enough chairs in the office. Also there was no privacy during the consultation as the discussions were held in an open space. This experience disturbed me a lot, and planted the seed to establish a burial society that would treat people in a more humane and dignified manner. This dream came to fruition in 2007 when Rixaka Funerals was born.

The vision to establish Rixaka Funerals as a burial society that would treat people in a more humane and dignified manner informed the decision to design Rixaka Funerals’ consulting rooms like sitting rooms with cosy lounge suites to accommodate bereaved families comfortably. Rixaka Funerals also took a deliberate decision from the beginning not to use coffins, but to use caskets only for all funerals conducted by our burial society, irrespective of the status of the deceased or their economic standing. Our position to use caskets only has resulted in incorrect perceptions by the general public that the burial services of Rixaka Funerals are expensive and are not suitable for everybody. Most people think that it is expensive to conduct a dignified and respectful funeral. This is not true at all. Anyone can afford; and in fact, everyone deserves to honour their departed loved ones by sending them off in a dignified and respectful manner.

I thank God for making my dreams come true. Rixaka Funerals recently turned ten (10) years on the 19th of September2017 and has grown very fast to become the giant it is in a very short space of time. I am very proud of Rixaka Funerals’ achievements. Young as it is, Rixaka Funerals consistently fulfils its mission to offer bereaved families peace of mind by providing dignified and respectful one stop funeral services that allow bereaved families the space to mourn their loved ones without the burden of organizing funerals and memorials.

As we begin the year-long celebrations marking Rixaka Funerals’ 1Oth anniversary between September 2017 and September2018, I would like to renew my personal commitment that Rixaka Funerals will continue to render dignified and respectful funeral services to the communities we serve, irrespective of the status and economic standing of such communities. Rixaka Funerals is not just a business, it fulfils an essential service that is a part of life, requiring compassion, understanding and considerateness. We are one…

Let’s assist each other!


Our motto​

“Hi Rixaka…A Hi Khomisaneni”

Loose translation means: “We are on (tribe/nation/) … Let’s assist each other”

Our business philosophy

    We are a funeral home of choice
    We offer bereaved families peace of mind by providing one stop…
    Our service delivery is driven by deeply entrenched values of Ubuntu…

Our brand elements

Elements Of Rixaka Funerals’ Logo

  • Two open palms in Royal Blue colour.
  • Two people holding hands in Burgundy colour.
  • A human heart produced by the design of the two people holding hands.
  • The company’s name; “RIXAKA FUNERALS”, written in bold black capital font style.

Meaning Of The Elements Of Rixaka Funerals’ Logo

  • Two Open Palms: Symbolize care, protection and safety. The fact that the two open palms are embracing the two people holding hands denote Rixaka Funerals’ values of compassion, understanding and empathy.
  • Two People Holding Hands: Symbolize belonging, connection, reassurance and oneness. It a gesture to say: “You are not alone”.
  • Human Heart: Symbolize love, compassion, comfort and understanding.
  • RIXAKA: Literal translation of ‘RIXAKA’ means clan, tribe, nation and country.
  • HI RIXAKA… A HI KHOMISANENI: Literal translation of the slogan means “We are one… let’s work together”.

Significance Of The Colours Of Rixaka Funerals’ Logo

  • Royal Blue: Represents calmness, reassurance, honesty and trustworthiness. Royal Blue is connected with nature from the beautiful blue of the sky and the ocean.
  • Burgundy: Represents healing, strength and hope. Burgundy’s close resemblance to red-brown is associated with the colour of mother earth
  • Black: Represents formality, seriousness, sophistication, elegance and professionalism.

Business Philosophy (Our values)

  • Compassion/Empathy
  • We care. To us, rendering funeral services is not just a business; it is the fulfillment of an essential service that is a part of life, requiring compassion, understanding and considerateness.
  • Continuous Improvement (Innovation & Creativity) We never stand still. We know that life is a never-ending adventure into the future. We strive for continuous improvement through our pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity.

  • Integrity (Honesty, Fairness, Respect & Sincerity) We are true to ourselves because then we are true to everybody. We are considerate to the needs of bereaved families and follow their instructions and wishes to the letter. Our integrity is the source of our humility. We remain humble, responsive and polite to our clients because we know that respect is reciprocal.

  • Passion and Hope We love what we do and we do it with pride. We are blessed with a great sense of hope. We don’t downplay the burden of bereavement, but we know that there is a time for everything in life, and nothing doesn’t come to an end.

  • Quality & Service Supremacy (Consistency, punctuality & Professionalism) We make every client’s experience with us a delightful one because we know that the client is king. We operate in a manner that gives bereaved families peace of mind. We take instructions promptly and deliver timeously. We promise our clients consistent, reliable, dependable, responsive and punctual service. We pay attention to detail because we know that it’s the little things that matter to our clients. We do not tolerate unprofessional work because we know that reputation counts for nothing. We know that we are only as good as the last encounter with our clients.

  • Social investment (community involvement) We work with the community to make a difference, for we know that we must give something back to the people who consistently support us. We subscribe to a philosophy of self-sustainability as opposed to hand-outs. Therefore, we support long-term sustainable projects as opposed to once-off donations. We believe that if our assistance makes beneficiaries dependent instead of becoming self-sufficient, then it does more harm than good. We believe in Ghandi’s saying that: “You give a man a fish, he eats for a day. You teach a man to fish, he eats for a life time”.

  • Teamwork We are only as good as all of us together. We take care of each other because we know that there is no secret formula that makes strong teams out of weak individuals. We empower our people so that they can realize their own achievements because we know that each individual’s success is the team’s success and it forms the building blocks for the success of our company.

Our brand journey

Rixaka Funerals neither had a logo nor identity in the true sense of the word from inception in September 2007 until September 2015. Well, at least one with graphic elements. During this eight years period, the company was simply identified by the words Rixaka Funerals, written in cursive style with the word Rixaka written in Royal Blue colour and superimposed on the word Funerals written in Burgundy colour. A minor enhancement of the old logo was introduced around 2012. This was done through the introduction of a graphic element which was later branded “The Colgate”. The decision to rebrand Rixaka Funerals was taken at a strategic breakaway session held at Zebula Lodge in 2015. The Rixaka Funerals team attending the strategy session worked with Tracey Dobrin of Gingermoon to produce the company’s rebranded logo. Three options were initially developed, with multiple variants. The current logo was an instant choice, albeit not in its original format. There was a lot of heated debate and refinement to finally produce the graphic design components of the logo as it exist today. However, the font style of the current design was initially rejected as the team opted to retain the original cursive Rixaka Funerals font. The reasoning for this was that the company’s conservative and predominately elderly customers would not recognize the company at pension pay outs if all elements of the old logo were dropped. This resulted in the compromise logo which Rixaka Funerals used between 2015 and late 2016. After the refinement, the new logo introduced graphic elements consisting of three design components representing Rixaka Funerals’ brand values of compassion, understanding and empathy. The first design component depicts two open palms symbolizing care, protection and safety. The second design component depict two people holding hands symbolizing belonging, connection, reassurance and oneness. Both the open palms and people holding hands depict how Rixaka Funerals provide assurance and comfort the community during their times of need. The third design component depicts a human heart which is an embodiment of Rixaka Funerals’ brand values of love, compassion, comfort and understanding. With the introduction of Rixaka Funerals’ executive fleet in late 2016, the application of the compromise logo became problematic. A decision was taken to drop the cursive writing and revert to the bold font of the original current logo design. The only constant feature throughout the ten (10) years of Rixaka Funerals’ Brand Journey is the slogan “Hi Rixaka. A Hi Khomisaneni”.