Funeral Notices and Claims Process

Your Claim Steps

Claim Information

This is a hard time for all those close to the person who died. To make sure that you have all the help you need, we have set out the steps to submitting a claim for you.

  • BI1663 Form – Page 1 of 3*
  • BI1663 Form – Page 2 of 3
  • BI1663 Form – Page 3 of 3*
  • BI1663 Form – Page 1 of 1*
  • Death Certificate*
  • ID Copy of Deceased*
  • ID Copy of Claimant* Bank Statement

(a) Rixaka Funerals requires the completed form and supporting documents.

(b) You may fax or email the form.

(c) It is your responsibility to ensure that the form reaches Rixaka Funerals at branch level or Head office.

(d) Rixaka Funerals cannot be held responsible if forms sent by third party do not reach our Head Office for processing.

(e) Keep in mind that a claim must be lodged within 6 months after the date of death.

(f) Ensure that all supporting documents are furnished in time.

(g) If you need assistance please contact us on 086 174 9252 or send an email to